What is CFO Andrew?

A new vision for how to work with a financial professional.

Building something from Scratch

What to expect from being a CFO Andrew client:


If you haven't heard, most advisors don't act in your best interest. I have committed my business to acting on a Fiduciary standard, which means your interests come first.


People are the most important factor in our business and you need someone you can trust and get along with. In this business, the most value comes from a personal relationship with me.


You never know what challenges you will face next. Being a CPA and financial planner I can help in almost any area of business or personal finance. And if I'm not the subject matter expert, I can connect you with someone who is, and help guide the interaction. As I always say, if it has to do with money, I can probably help.


While good planning eliminates most fire drills, sometimes you need answers! Having an adviser respond in hours, not days or weeks, is a critical part of business in the new world.

Flat Fees

I've elected to not be a "product manager". I charge flat fees only and don't sell products. You'll never be surprised by a bill again and will always know exactly how much you are paying me. Our transaction is simple: you pay the fee; I help answer your questions. That's it, nothing hidden, no obligations, no expectations.

Limited Clients

I know what it takes to do a good job and every client deserves the time and attention they paid for. I have planned my time and created a limited "client roster" to ensure I have the time dedicated to serve each client. And once that roster is full, I don't take new clients until someone else drops off. This ensures that you get the time and attention you paid for and that when we do talk I am not over-worked and in a hurry to get on to the next item!

Monthly Subscription

Our relationship goes beyond "tax time". Taxes are an important service, sure. But my clients all pay a flat, low, monthly subscription - which includes their tax prep. I believe this better reflects your needs and my service. We have just as much work to do in the Fall as we do in "the season".

Custom Interactions

You can expect for me to give you instructions and deliverables specific to you. You should expect clear guidance, not generic tips. And in return, I expect my clients to follow certain procedures so I can deliver this custom service.


Subject to availability, I am free for one-off projects. No commitments, no hassle, just give me a call and I can drop in to provide support in whatever way you need

Services And Options